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PVC material price changes and market analysis
Nov 15, 2021

PVC, the Chinese name is polyoxyethylene.

PVC is one of the most produced plastics in the world,so it's very hot in market.

Now let's know about the material price changes and market analysis.

Which area and when do we choose is best?

First point,find the PVC market in your interested and popular areas:

1. PVC general soft products: shoes, toys, auto parts, etc.
2. PVC film(without glue): packaging bags, raincoats, tablecloths, etc.
3. PVC coated products(self adhesive vinyl): artificial leather, suitcases, leather bags, sofa cushions, floor leather, advertising decorative film, etc.
4. PVC foam products: shoes, packaging materials, etc.
5. PVC transparent sheet: thin-walled transparent container
6. PVC rigid boards and plates: rigid pipes, water pipes, staircase handrails, etc.
7. PVC other: wood-like materials, steel-based building materials, etc.

Our factory products belongs to PVC coated products-Self Adhesive Vinyl,also named PVC Film.

4 main products:Color cutting vinyl,Car wrap vinyl,Printing vinyl,Window film.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Supplier

Next,let's talk about the PVC vinyl raw materials and prices changes in 2021.

It keeps good price from the beginning in this year,and it has the cheapest price from April to July,and it increases price from August.

PVC material prices rose the most in October, and many factories have restricted electricity use.

The price of PVC material has slowly dropped from November, so it is very suitable for order now and next month.

At last let's read about the Volume of PVC products from 2011 to 2020.

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