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Jun 04, 2021

Heat and Cold Temperature Color Changing Vinyl

Innovation and Novel design
This is a novelty and innovative heat-sensitive and cold-sensitive film that turns colors

when exposed to hot and cold temperatures on surfaces.

Face film: 130 microns

Release paper: PET

Feature: Waterproof, removable, color changing, Glossy Finish

Usage: Advertising, Sign Making, Promotion, coffee cups, handwork and decoration

Color change:

1. Heat Color change (temperature above 45℃)

  • Dark red change Fresh red
  • Brown change Green
  • Dark orange change light orange

2.Cold Color change (temperature below 15℃)

  • Pink change purple

Color Vinyl Film

Laser wire drawing and laser floral color cutting vinyl

Fashionable and advanced design

  • These are Holographic, luxurious decorative art and elegant colors.
  • Used for home decoration, lettering, handmade, decals, glass, window, wrapping and gift packing.
  • It is composed of Three layers of film, the PVC protective film, the second main face film
and the last is PET release film.

How to use :

1. Design the pattern or word on the computer

2. Cut with a plotter or cutter

3. Tear off the unwanted parts

4. Transfer the pattern or word with the transfer tape.

5. Use a scraper to scrape flat

6. Remove the transfer tape

Self Adhesive Vinyl Film

Our factory specialized in Self adhesive vinyl film.

A4 sample and sample book are FREE for you.

PVC Vinyl Film

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